Funny comments..

We think to be a serious “company” and we are even sure to have enought good reputation and success worldwide to be able to publish some negative comments we collected about our new Savage Bobber. Comments  coming by some Forums of Cub purists.What is interesting and this happens to every new product as you know, is to read fantastic comments in so many many different Forum around the world (not speaking about the several international magazines that tested the plane) and in the meantime to read some funny or poor comments about our last product. And during the time some people spend to criticize our plane, we are really busy in selling it in several Countries. Take a look:

Hard to shoot them down.

*Very lame product marketing attempt. How silly. Looong list of options except for skin on the fuselage to reduce drag, protect what’s inside, place for N number, and as you note, allow for a nice slip.

*Not sure about the optional Fresh air vents on the Bobber model?

*They stripped it to get the base price down..Looks like the base doesn’t have any instruments or ELT. can have a motorcycle seat as optional …weird. 

*Stupid product. Not sense.

*They think to be original…Ah ah ah….:-)

*They lost their time offering us this coffeepot? we are not idiots..

and so on……We could continue.

We can accept every comment, but to be described as “SILLY”  by someone that doesn’t know us and our programs for the future is at least “funny”…We could publish tons of nice comments collected in different languages.. Too easy. We prefer to show that we are not worried about negative comments… and that we can publish them without too many worries..