Zlin Aviation, Paritech and RC scale models

RC scale models will be soon in our plans. We got in the last months many requests by different Countries to get the drawings of our last new model, the Savage Bobber.  Many RC modellers have shown the desire to build their own RC Savage Bobber. We decided to enter in this sector producing a  special RC version of the Bobber in 1:3 scale size. Scaled leather bags, leather seats, chrome finishing, original paint schemes, four stroke engines, instrument panels,  everything will be planned and/or manufactured. We perfectly know that the RC market is huge and already offers everything an RC pilot wishes. But we think we will be able to offer something different using the same concepts we use for the real planes. So our focus will not be necessarily the lighthness, but the strenght and the real feeling that only a real plane can provide. Static load tests on the wings for example will be planned and a special  certificate will be delivered to the customer about the results.The fuselage will be made in 4130 steel as the original and the wings will use as the real plane, 6061 and 2024 aluminium tubes and plates. We will not use balsa or wood to build this RC plane. The main goal will be to find some tires that will be similar if not identical to the real 29″ or 31″ bushwheels .Actually there is nothing in the market that can be assimilated to these products (the biggest ballon tires arrive at  maximum 20cm diameter) so we are intentioned to solve this problem radically even building them if necessary. Bushflying RC enthusiasts will be finally able to fly in a real different way with this model. Imagine for example your Rc model landing on a river bed…We will offer even aluminium scale floats..and realistic and astonishing scale pilots. This plane will be a fantastic and unique tow plane for scaled gliders and this is why we started a cooperation with the famous company Paritech (Germany) receiving by them a 7mt RC glider to test the towing capacities of our new scaled plane. Stay tuned if you are interested to this product. It will be and look as unique and sure it will not be described as something already seen in RC market.