The Origin

The first Savage plane, went into production in Italy between 1997 and 1998.
The original idea was to create an aircraft with good handling and STOL characteristics, with classic and well proven design and traditional construction that would be economic and easy to build and repair. Inspired by one of the aviation legends of 20th century, the Piper Cub, the Italian designer of the Savage planes, Mr. Russo Pasquale and his team, the aeronautical engineers Bonaldo, Franchini and Vizzini (the latter had worked at Aeritalia, and spent a long period at Boeing in Seattle before moving on to Aermacchi) built several prototypes that would become the basis for the definitive Savage planes. Conceived with the most advanced (at that time) CAD design and simulation software (CATIA, Solidworks and NASTRAN), the Savage went through an intensive process of validation static and in-flight tests to confirm the excellent validity of the design, and its compliance with the most stringent industry standards for the design and manufacture of light aircrafts.

Shortly after its conception, just before the official market introduction, the Savage won the first prize as the best Ultralight aircraft built from plans (at the Italian Experimental Aircraft Association Meeting at Carpi, Italy, in 1999).


In 1999, the production moved to the Czech Republic and since that time has been carried out by Zlin Aviation sro, employing the best aeronautical materials from the USA and Europe and the most competent and specialized workforce.


As of October 2022, more than 450 Savage aircraft were built and delivered to different countries around the world, while a total of 510 aircraft were sold, meaning that the company already has a solid list of booked aircrafts for the whole of 2022 and 2023 (mainly due to the success of the last plane introduced in the market: the Norden).


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The Evolution


The first aircraft produced was the Savage Classic, which is still today the most widely produced having been the first plane (and so for a longer time) in our production.

The Classic model is now discontinued.


An elegant alternative followed in 2005, the Savage Cruiser, on which we implemented successfully the concept of paint schemes; its more streamlined cowling and tail, together with its overall superb look, made it a success story that continues today.

The Cruiser had a big appreciation from the market and is still the best seller in “some Countries”.


In spring 2009, the Savage Cub was introduced at AERO in Friedrichshafen (Germany) and it rapidly became our best seller in those years. It embodied, for the first time in our production, technical improvements that made it ideal for the most demanding semi-professional bush flying activity; and the look, made another big step towards, being really considered the “ultralight” and actual version of the Piper Super CUB, with its characteristic metal cowling and two opening doors and the squared windows, typical of some versions of the Super CUB. The market went literally in love with it, and the company’s production rate made its first consistent jump, from that moment.


In spring 2011, the Savage Bobber was introduced as an alternative vehicle, unique on the world aviation scene, for its originality. It has gained recognition from many of the major aviation publications, and has created a kind of cult around it, with spontaneous RC model aficionados creating replicas on their own.

With the Bobber, the company has strike again in the hearth of many passionate people around the world.


In spring 2012 at the AERO Exhibition (D), two more products were introduced: the Savage Bobber RC, a large-dimension, radio-controlled scale model of our Savage Bobber, available in 1:2,5 and 1:3 proportion, manufactured with the same technology and materials of its bigger brother.


The Savage CUB-S, the latest development of our Savage Cub with several new features, and overall bigger dimensions, payload and performance, using Lycoming engines from 115hp to 180hp, conceived to cover LSA market demand and high demanding/professional applications


In 2016 a new important step was reached by our company with the introduction of the high capable Hyper Stol plane, named Shock Cub.
For the first time we introduced a new stronger wing, equipped with leading edge slats and huge double slotted flaps.
The plane was equipped also with a “shock absorber Porter style” landing gear, using 3 shock absorbers with a tremendous efficiency at landing. The landings from that moment have never been anymore the same and a new parameter was introduced in this nich market: the ultra low approach speed and the possibility to fly at incredibly high and safe AoA.


In 2018 the Ultralight version of the Shock Cub, code name Shock Ultra, was introduced to the market, to reduce the empty weight, reaching the limit allowed by stringent European rules for their Ultralight categories.

The aerodynamic and the landing gears are basically the same as the Shock Cub, having worked only on the empty weigh side.


In March 2020, after more than 20 years of experience matured in the fascinating and always growing bushflying market and following the increasing demand for an advanced STOL plane that could reassume all the wishes and dreams coming by our potential customers, we introduced what we consider the pinnacle product of our entire production line… the new Savage Norden with its incredible Stol flying characteristics and general performances…


In July 2020, Microsoft/Asobo studios, introduced their new MFS 2020, an incredibly advanced flying simulator that sold milions of copies worldwide after its introduction and that offered as standard two our planes for the first time, the Savage Cub and the Shock Ultra among a total of 30 planes.
With huge satisfaction, our company has been choosen as part of this project and from that moment Zlin Aviation sro has been even more recognised, worldwide, as one of the leaders in the bush flying sector and community.

What was born from the dream of its designer, has matured over the years in a complete family of reliable products, which meets the personal taste and requirement of many pilots and operators around the world. Flying at an average cruise speed from 90 to >120 mph, with outstanding visibility and safety feeling, is one of the best ways to enjoy the sky, with the possibility of landing almost anywhere! Unique accessories allow any Savage to be customized extensively. Many pilots still believe several limitations apply to a taildragger airplane, but actually these peculiar characteristics are more often converted into big advantages. The Savage is able to land near a glacier with skis, in a canyon, riverbank or beach thanks also to the bushwheels, or on water with special floats. In special landings of this sort, the wide visibility and the taildragger configuration are a great advantage, as many pilots now finally discovered. Tandem seating configuration (another aspect often seen as a limit) has repeatedly proved to be a bonus as well. It’s sufficient to look at what types of airplanes are used in professional bush flying in Alaska, to understand the concepts that have inspired us. The ease with which repairs can be made to the Tig-welded (4130) structure of the fuselage and to the covering system, is a great advantage for bush flying, as also the Piper Cub, which uses the same construction techniques, has amply demonstrated over its history in this special sector of aviation.

Savage aircrafts have proven to offer very good value for the money too. It is something inherent with the longevity of the construction, and with the fact that it is one of the few products offered in this niche market.

Second hand Savage aircrafts, when sold, retain a very high resale value, for these reasons but not only. In our case, the added value of elegance, customization options and modern features and equipment, together with the weight to power ratios offered, high payloads, and certification category as LSA and Ultralight, add versatility and meets the market demand and our customer wishes, putting our planes in the “top wish list” for many pilots around the world.

Savage pilots, due to its growing number, are well organized today in a Savage Owners Group, where they share their experiences, they meet for special fly-ins (usually in places where no other aircraft can land…) and organize special events. In fact, flying the Savage, beside any other consideration, means also being part of a global and big family of equally enthusiastic pilots!


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