A real bushflying experience..

Today we would like to share with you a real bushflying story coming by Canada. Our dealer Mr. Alan Dares is just arrived in Fort Chimo , an Eskimo community (KUUJJUAG) after 4 days and 19 hours of flying. He left Toronto for this remote area with the plan to teach a group of seven pilots around there. This can be considered a remote area and just read what was told to us by a good friend of Mr. Alan:

” This is true bush flying, because the compass is useless up there,  because it just spins, because of minerals in ground. There is no roads , no towers, no railroads ,very few trees because it is too cold for them to grow . There are many  many lakes, however for 10 months of the year they are covered with snow, and unless you are experienced it is hard to tell the where the snow  and lakes end”.

The plane is just a regular Savage Classic with 460 hour of flying logged hours. We will keep you updated possibly with pics and video soon..