Valdez 2017 – Alaska

We made it… One our plane “finally” has partecipated for the first time, to this incredible and well known “STOL Alaskan event”. Big tks to our American and Alaskan dealers for their local support. Tks even to our final customer since he has flown the plane there without any specific training for the first time. Our one was even the first European plane going there for this competition. Apart from the final results (our plane was completely stock, with not a climb propeller and the pilot/customer never flew the plane before the event since registered and allowed to fly just the day before! ) it was an incredible pleasure to be present.That is the “Mecca” of the bushflying and the best focused planes and pilots were there (many of them with modified and tuned planes of course). Sure now we know how to move and “what to do”, to make an official partecipation next year with possibly one company’s plane and pilot.

Video (from our Spanish dealer) :