Turboprop engine?

The answer is “yes”, it will be possible (according to the local rules of course). We got some requests from some potential customers and so we explored the possibility to install a Turboprop engine…We will see the developments during the current year.
The renderings show also some color combinations of our original paint scheme , we will use this kind of visualization for all the next paint schemes in the future. The prototype has been reworked and the fuselage is ready now, waiting only for the wings that will be painted soon. The target of about 363-365 kg (empty weight with Rotax 915) seems finally possible after our last controls.
The plane will show also a new paint scheme and by the end of the month could be again at airport. We can’t wait to test it again.
We invite you to check also our Instagram channel https://www.instagram.com/zlinaviationofficial/ since some news or pics are shown exclusively there, as for example the last test flight, done few days ago, with a new Norden equipped with the 120 hp coming from EdgePerformance As .