It has been a prolific week for our Bobber aircraft: two new contracts have been signed for customers in Sicily, southern Italy, and Norway! Yes, correct, an open air aircraft in Norway! Because if you get in love with the Bobber you just don’t care. It’s about lifestyle, it’s about sensations, ownership experience and exclusivity. We strongly believe in this niche concept, and in fact we are getting confirmations from the market.

It is not only for individualists that seek a highly customized retro-style airplane, but also for those who are looking for the traditional strength and reliability of our aircrafts, but can only afford a basic configuration, getting our entry level aircraft but benefitting from all the advantages of the bigger brothers of our range. Those two aircrafts sold this week embody both philosophies, and we are already planning for a nice photo shooting in spring next year together with our new hot selling little brothers, the radio controlled Bobbers that are starting to be delivered in several countries!