CUB-S with Lycoming IO233 announced

It is being a busy time, with new CUB-S airframes coming to life, and with new exciting news for our top of the line bird! In the past weeks we have signed two new sales contracts with two new excited Italian future owners, who will get their CUB-S equipped with the new Lycoming IO-233, which is in some way the perfect match for the CUB-S.

Boosting 115hp at only 2800rpm, with Dual CDI Ignition, and choice of carburetor or fuel injection version, it is one of the biggest releases in the industry of sport aviation engines in the last times, bringing to the LSA market a taste of truly general aviation technology, look and sound. Its classic layout as direct drive, four-cylinder horizontally opposed and air cooled, is synonymous of reliability: this is what real Alaskan bush pilots expect and want.

Lycoming engines installed on the new CUB-S, with a range from 100hp to 172 hp, will complete the loop of our Savage aircraft’s range in the high end segment, offering top performance, great quality, and competitive price. And tons of excitement for your next adventure! Order book is building up rapidly, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Official price list will be comunicated soon.