Savage Bobber : Dan Johnson, Aeromesse 2013 interview

The German exibition has confirmed again how this plane is able to catch the attention of the pilots.
While in fact someone was ready to order exactly the same plane under exibition (but that plane was under delivery for an happy Norwegian customer), some others already ordered their model at the Aeromesse. So we can confirm that one will be delivered soon in USA , another one in Australia, while several RC models were ordered (all them in the largest scale proportion we produce : 1:2,5).

We are discussing now with a Russian potential customer for float operations there , with someone else in South Africa where we just sold one in the past weeks and in the next ten days we will deliver the first one to Sicily (Italy). By the end on May another happy French customer (the 4th sold only in France) should order his Bobber too. So considering all the past orders, all the new ones and the potential orders coming soon, we can conclude that the Bobber has completely kept the attention of the pilots, and that despite to the open cabin, it is well accepted both in warm and cold Regions even thanks to the winter kit (cabin enclosure).. Attached here, a link regarding an interview made by the famous Dan Jonhson right there at the Aeromesse 2013.