New page for all existing POH

We would like to integrate all existing POH, for all our different Savage models, with one new page related to the Emergency procedures. If you wish to get a new POH directly from us, that will include this page, just write directly to us specifying your name, serial number and model ( The content of this specific page is related to “nose over event” and is anticipated below:

Under heavy braking (mainly with quite forward Cg), or when the landing site is rough (sand , mud , obstacles etc) might happen that the plane goes nose over. If this situation occurs, we strongly suggest to use these simple steps:

  • Open the cabin door (or the shooter window if installed) and if this will not be possible (i.e. locked by obstacles or deformed) use the side windows. It is fairly easy to push the side windows out with your feet.
  • Support your body with your arm to protect your head and neck , and once ready, release the safety belt harness with the other hand (this procedure can avoid neck/head injury) .
  • Once free from the safety belt, exit the plane and keep in the safe distance from it.
  • If the situation allows and it is safe , close the fuel valve in the cabin and switch off the avionics and electric system, to prevent any risk of fire, before to look for some help.