New Cub S ready for South Africa

Ready for final delivery the first South African Cub S equipped with Titan 180 hp. and EFII system (Electronic Fuel Injection and ignition). Flight tests have been concluded positively and an happy customer will get it soon.

In short the advantages of an electronically controlled engine are numerous and include:
– Fully compatible with 100LL, auto gas and future Unleaded Avgas.
– Approx. 10% increase in available horsepower.
– Automatic mixture control (no mixture knob to fool with).
– A proper ignition timing curve to bring out the true power potential of your engine.
– Fuel savings from always having the correct fuel mixture.
– Decreased lead fouling.
– Improved engine starting – No “hot start” or “cold start” problems.
– Decreased weight – no magnetos or mechanical fuel pump.
– Tunability – your fuel map can be fine-tuned for your particular installation.
– Lower maintenance costs – less lead build up means less wear and less oil contamination,
uses long lasting automotive Iridium spark plugs.