Baltic Way 20 years action

Some nice pics taken at this particular and historical event. Just take a look on what we are speaking about:

The Baltic Way or Baltic Chain was a peaceful political protest on August 23, 1989. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres (370 mi) across the three Baltic states   Estonian SSR, Latvian SSR, and Lithuanian SSR, republics of the Soviet Union. It marked the 50th anniversary of the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The pact and its secret protocols divided Eastern Europe into spheres of influence and led to the occupation of the Baltic states in 1940. The protest was designed to draw world’s attention by showcasing popular desire for independence and solidarity among the Baltic states…

Some planes after 20 years, coming from these Countries,were flying togheter …over those Territories.. One was a yellow Classic Savage.