Welcome to a new Dealer

We are more than happy to announce that another new Dealer, recently joined our Dealers network..Directly from his words…:

KTM Iceland was founded in 1994 by owner Karl Gunnlaugsson.
From 1994 KTM Iceland has been importer for KTM Sportmotorcycles Austria as well as Husaberg and recently Husqvarna motorcycles.
“My background is in motorsport and flight has always been big passion, my grandfather worked for the Icelandic civil aviation administration and my father is a private pilot and has built several aircrafts. We can say it is in the blood”.First Savage Classic will arrive to Iceland in April 2016 and will be based at Haukadalsmelur
private airport near volcano mountain Hekla, this is ideal location for cross country flights to Icelandic remote highlands and we will plan togheter with the manufacturer, something interesting for all interested bushpilots (coming even from other Countries), very soon.“Iceland is just like mini Alaska” says Karl who recently visited the Zlin Aviation in Italy to finalize the deal for Savage arrival in Iceland.Look out for more information on Facebook side “Savage Iceland”