Very lucky Savage Pilot

There are some reports on the web, showing a Savage Classic in very bad conditions after a crash into a lake. We want to tell what happened since the plane is now in our company and the pilot visited us telling the story. This man was lucky enought and according to his report he is alive since he was flying a plane with a strong fuselage.
Just his comments.What happended? for some reasons a big baggage occupied the second seating. During the flight the baggage (not well fixed) moved and blocked the second stick.He tried to remove it but the plane started to pich down with no possibilities to recover the level flight. The plane contacted the water with 30-35 degrees at a speed of about 130 km/h. Just to let you know which energy was developed, the right Bushwheel that for first contacted the water simply detroyed the wheel axle that seems cutted like from a knife. He was submerged for several seconds but since he is a good diver, he was able to keep calm and leave the fuselage. The plane was then taken to the beach from the fire-department that made good job, but also damaged parts of the plane (cutting struts, and wings attachment). The pilot is safe and wants to let know to all the Savage’s Pilots do not forget anything (in this case big amount of material) free on the baggage area or on the second seating since this could cause terrible accidents. Just another story from which to learn something. We are glad to confirm that the pilot is totally happy and safe and that we will make a new plane for him asap. The instrument still shows some water inside. And shows the probable speed of the impact.
Take care, fly safe.