Valdez STOL competition results

Valdez, the world’s most famous STOL (Short Take-Off & Landing) competition is just finished.
It seems that our customer Gary Green has performed the shortest landing with his Shock Cub even if we were not able to compete at 100% in take off, with planes as the famous Lil Cub (heavily modified Piper Cub, winner at Valdez during last 2017 and 2018 and holder of two World’s record) with more than 180 hp compared to our 115 hp (Rotax 914). But then when it is time to land short, the Shock Cub has shown to be the right “tool”, being at the end, just a standard, unmodified product. Compliments Gary, very nice job..

Slow motion video of the event (Shock Cub starting  from 14:18)