October is being truly the month of the new CUB-S in Zlin Aviation. Production efforts are fully concentrate around this new aircraft, and fresh details will be released soon. We and our dealers strongly believe that this will be a milestone in the company (expecially of course for some specific markets), and that the new aircraft will certainly impress the market of taildragger sport and utility aircrafts . Standing in between of the high-end Savage aircrafts already produced by Zlin, and traditional Supercub’s and General Aviation bush planes, the new Savage CUB-S will mix the best of both worlds, incorporating all the know how accumulated by Zlin Aviation in producing more than  260 airplanes with this technology, and adding the valuable feedback of some of the best active bush pilots of the world!  Some Piper Super Cub pilots were invited to check the plane and had the possibility to sit inside the cabin. They really felt as being at home with even better accessibility and same ergonomy. Stay tuned, the new Cub S is just around the corner!