Summer Holidays from 24/08 to 04/09

We just realized that it is time now for Summer holidays and that in the last two months,we didn’t put any more news on our website. Our company was very busy, as usual, in the last period, with the deliveries of several planes in different Countries. One Cub S with Titan 180 hp in USA (Outback is the name in this Country) and one superb red Cub, full optional, in Israel just to mention the deliveries in the last 3 weeks while another very nice Cruiser in Poland and the first Cub 100 hp in Russia (Moscow area) during the current week will finally meet their owners .We just realized that we could even put a lot of interesting technical news on the website, because we are very focused about the future of the Savage planes, but it is still not the right moment. What is sure is that we will continue after Summer holidays even with renewed energies and that Autumn will be very exciting and rich of news and we would like to say hello to all the several customers waiting for their new planes in the next months,telling that soon they will be able to get their new Savage delivered, becoming part of our fantastic Stol Community.

Good Summer holidays to all you enthusiasts