Spin Test short video

Of course we made several tests during Savage certification process, but today we can show you a short video taken by our very active Hungarian dealer.They simply confirmed what we already knew by several years:
“after several tests we can confirm that with 2 persons on board it keeps spinning as long as rudder is applied, it makes a half additional turn after rudder is neutralised, then it recovers even without using elevator or aileron.
In solo flight actually nothing happens: after 180 degree turn it recovers, even with rudder still applied – you simply can not keep it spinning (without using aileron)”
Take a look at this video and then eventually look at the other ones they putted on the web. Just a remind: spin are prohibited and these were just some personal tests made according to the local rules.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exgBFZyRkto