Some performance numbers

We apologise for the poor level of finishing of the instrument panel (reworked many times during last year of tests) and the front windshield area of “our first prototype” (the Savage Nordens under delivery have not these problems of course) but we decided to show today, a short mix of some “internal flying tests videos”, taken by one our test pilot, showing the cruise speed at about 5000 rpm and about 75% of power, plus the performances during climb (average constant climb speed: 1800 ft/m). The ground adjustable pitch propeller for all these tests, was adjusted with the same compromise set up, leaving some room for better climb or cruise speed, depending on customer’s preferences. We really hope to get soon by the Eprop French manufacturer, the constant speed version of the same propeller. The tests then, were done with the standard zero level flap setting, not with the negative one, that is capabale to sligtly increase the top speed. In the last part of the video, we show also how the pitot system has been tested according the rules (simulating a speed of 200 km/h for not less than 5 minutes). We think to have already achieved a good level of performances for a STOL plane and of course the future and rumored Rotax 916, will increase again the whole spectrum of flying characteristics when available, not forgetting even more powerful engines, as the EPeX 300 hp (only for the future experimental market) that will be tested soon by our Norwegian dealer on his Norden :