Shock Cub updates

In less than 48 hours, since when released, what we were thinking was ” as a very basic video ” (made with a mobile phone, so very far from being professional and nice) has turned into an interesting marketing result for our company.More than 20.700 facebook followers were reached.  So let’s thank for this nice result and explain something more about that video. Interesting to note that the plane including some ballast used for test flights, was weighting 533 kg during that landing (so not so light), the wind as you can see in the video, is not exaggerated and the landing distance was less than 10 mt (to be sincere our workers measured 6,8 meters). The pilot was not performing at 100% too, since this was just the 3th day of tests and we are all convinced that raising the nose of the “Shock” (applying some special bushflying tecniques), would have slowered the plane “a lot”, before the final touch down.So just let us to explore more the whole range of performances since the very low stall speed, the overall feeling during slow flying and the new wing, allow us to think that the real limit of the plane is still not what we are showing in that short video.