New 120hp turbo kit available for Rotax 912

We inform our customers that on new ordered aircrafts is now available a 120hp turbo kit option which is an italian aftermarket solution. It offers great performance and an outstanding reliability level. It has been in the market for years now, installed particularly often from autogyro manufacturers. This solution offers the high power output of the 120hp, which can deliver amazing STOL performance on our aircrafts, particularly for bush flying, mountaing flying or operations in high altitude environments: all of that at a fraction of the cost compared to the 914, and with an easier and cheaper maintenance thanks to the Mitsubushi turbine and mechanical actuator.

See the attachment for a complete info sheet.

Note: The turbo option has to be chosen over the standard equipped 912 80hp aircraft, without selecting the 912 ULS 100hp option in our price list. This turbo kit is only available on new ordered aircrafts, not as a retrofit.