Savage Bobber configurator coming soon

The last Zlin Aviation’s product starts to be discussed around the net. Many International Forum are speaking about it in many different Countries. We were told that on the EAA webpage reporting the last news by the Aero Messe 2011, our plane scored more than 100.000 clicks in few days..! A plane that seems to be different and that you can only love or hate. A plane that sure is not designed for North Pole cilmate but that can meet most of the requirements of the Pilots around  the World. A plane designed to be cheap enought in his basic configuration (not more expencive than a trike) or even unique in case you wish to personalize it. The Savage Bobber is different, and thinks different. We are very pleased to have designed it and we are ready to promote it in every way. At the moment the major magazines coming by Europe and even Usa are planning with us a meeting for a full test flight report. Our Savage Bobber is young as the wonderful child you can admire in the pic (permisson to use this pic was given us by parents) …but already it has clear ideas in his mind. Our Bobber’s configurator will be online in the next hours.