Savage Agilis at Aeromesse 2014

Great reception for the new Savage Agilis at AERO Messe 2014..We are happy to show for the first time the Agilis Concept displayed last week in Germany.The plane will be equipped as standard, with the Rotax 582 (but it is possible to install up to 120 hp if necessary) and will be test flown during the next month.The same wings and tail surfaces of the other Savage planes and an empty weight below 230 kg will deliver very low stall speed and incredible short take off and landing distances. A real fun plane offered as a valide alternative for all those pilots flying trikes or basic ultralights. Who loves the unique feeling of flying planes with completely opened cockpits will sure love our Savage Agilis. A real bush plane with these characteristics has never been produced before and we are proud to be able to offer it right now to our customers …More news coming soon..