Reduction weight program results

Delivered in Germany the first “super light” Savage Cruiser . Equipped for the first time with Oracover system and including several options engineered and produced by us
to lower as much as possible the final empty weight (just for example carbon seats and full carbon floorboards and engine cowling, plus composite tail leave etc) , we are glad to announce to all interested customers that the final weight recorded, was 290,7 kg. Ready to fly with Rotax 100 hp.
More important is that this empty weight, was already including several extra optionals (but just basic tires):
Junkers rescue system / 2 mt climb propeller / full paint scheme / extra fuel pump / antenna and radio / dynafocal engine mount / reinforced main landing gear / pre-installation towing system / vortex generators / internal corrosion protection / heating system. Considering that the max allowed weight in Germany is calculated at 296 kg including parachute, and considering all the options already included in this plane, we think to have achieved a very important result. Of course the two happy customers “were present” at the moment of the weighting process, made with our certified scales.
Ask to your local dealer for more details about our “optional reduction weight program” if interested.