Paul Claus and Arturo Polo Ena (video)

Paul Claus talks about the Savage, the bushfling in Spain and the new trips for european pilots in Alaska..Who is Paul Claus? for those who still don’t know him, Paul is a big friend of Lony Habersetzer and is one of the most famous Alaskan Bushpilots. You can just “google” his name to know more about him and his famous Piper Pa 18 “Alpha Cub ” .Here just released, a short interview about our Savage Cub and Arturo Polo Ena, our Spanish dealer: watch the video!

Our Spain dealer ( ), already well known for his bushflying training school with Savage Cub, is now organizing trips for pilots to fly in Alaska and make bushflying training courses with Loni Habersetzer and Don Lee in Talkeetna area, and visit the most incredible places there, like Ultima Thule Lodge, Paul Claus´ wilderness adventure lodge (, in between Wrangell St Elias National Park,  6 times bigger than Yellowstone and in where we can found 9 of the higgest peaks of North America, like Mount Logan or St Elias, an incredible place where the best bushpilots operate everyday, something that you will never forget ! Click on Amilpies webpage to know more details about those trips..”A fantastic opportunity is now available for all interested pilots”.