Nice videos coming from France

Our “hyperactive” French Dealer, Mr. Pierre Beaulieu and some good friends are doing a great job there.
A new video is planned and today we can release just a preview. The French market is answering very well to our products and the planes are more and more known by pilots. Good steps achieved in a very short time. For example a plane sold by Mr.Pierre , is under delivery in Gabon and is on the way in this moment to the customer’s base.It will be the first plane equipped with a belly pod. Soon a full report and pics coming directly by this African Country. Take a look on the video. On the right side,on the Youtube channel list, you will be even able to look at Pierre’s interview. A Savage Cub with standard landing gear and Tires (not Bushwheels) can already deliver a lot of fun to their pilots..Enjoy.