New wings coming soon?

In cooperation with a well known German designer and his professional team and with the very important help and support of the “German Bundesministerium” (Federal Ministry) and according to our plans of development for the future, we are glad to comunicate that a new wing, produced with advanced tecnologies is under first step of manufacturing. The plan is to offer a “super stol” wing design using advanced materials that will allow to have MTOW of 600 kg without to loose cruise performances. According to our plans, the first prototype should be ready in March 2011. It will be immediately tested. Our German dealer will cooperate for testing. The presentation date of the new wing should be for Aero 2011 next April.This wing could be even mounted by any customer of any past Savage models and will be available even in USA.Just too early now to plan any date for the enter in the market. But another new is coming soon. Probably a basic Savage model will be introduced soon too?
Keep in touch for more news..