New products on line

We are glad to announce the arrival of the last two new products into the Savage family. We will release soon some details but let us tell that we are now introducing on the market the smallest Savage plane we ever built (the Savage Bobber Radio control model ) and the most powerful one (the Savage Cub S).

If the Savage Bobber RC will be the first rc scale model built with the same materials (4130 tig welded frame and aluminium wings) of the original plane and with the same huge off-road capacities, the second one , the Savage Cub S (completely new fuselage, even longer than standard one) will be in our plans the LSA with the best ratio between horse power and weight.The planned climb rate of the Savage Cub S and all the other caractheristics will be simply amazing. A specific carbon prop and the modified 172 hp Lycoming engine togheter with the new elevators and trim system, will be the key factors of this new project.More details will be released soon. Don’t esitate to write us if you are interested to know more about these two new models.