New Italian branch

After several planes already delivered in several Countries (Brasil, Italy, Hungary and Isreael) and with 3 new Savage Cub close to be delivered for Italian market, we are glad to announce officially (after 3 months by the start up) the full operativity of the new “Zlin Aviation Italia” branch. Completely connected and directed by the mother company “Zlin aviation sro”, the new base will contribute to increase the production capacity and reduce delivery time in the next future. The new company ( 1.500 square/meter building ) will ensure all the manufacturing process , starting by covering and painting up to the complete and final delivery of the products. Based in the North of Italy (Verona town) the new branch is now linked for a long term relationshop, with the famous “Istituto San Carlo Lindbergh Flying School”, that is entitled to organize and offer special courses (two years long) to certify aeronautical mechanics. They are based inside the same building. This will help both aeronautical entities, since operative work and course of study has proven to be the best way to learn a new job (expecially in aviation). Many of the new mechanics could have the possibility to be employed in our company too.We even started to work on new projects on certified planes and the first  step will be a complete Piper Super Cub (150 hp) rebuilding. More news and details asap.