New French dealer announcement

All French customers have been in touch during the past years with our friend and dealer Mr. Pierre Beaulieu. A nice person, really professional and passionate. Pierre now has personally agreed some changes for the French market taking an agreement with one of the most competent and proficient actor in France in the ULM sector. We want to thank Pierre officially for all the good job done in the past years and we would like to introduce the new Dealer today: Finesse Max.

This year, Christian STUCK and his team are happy to celebrate Finesse Max’s twentieth anniversary even introducing the new Savage dealership in France.Since 1997, Finesse Max is an important actor in sailplanes, ultralights and light sport aircrafts . Their activity also extends to aeronautical items : avionics, airframe and engine spare parts, oxygen… The story of this nice company can be found here:

They will represent us in France for all the models we produce, except for the Savage Agilis, as described in one our recent new. So feel free to contact them now for French market.They will be happy to assist you and will let you know their new programs and plans starting by the “coming soon” Blois exhibition 2017 .

Welcome on board to Christian and Finesse Team…