Long raid with several Savage Planes

A nice rally tour has been made last July in Spain .Several pilots, several planes only one target…”to enjoy the art of pure flying”…
Below the story of this tour coming right by one of the organizers:

Ulm Adventure Spain 2010

From 8th to the 13rd of July 7 Savages planes from France and Spain were flying around Spain.

We chosed the best places to go, nice airstrips with friendly people, charming hotels and excellent gastronomy!

Beautiful landscapes on the mountains, over the desert, over the coasts .. we have been flying all that around!

We all have had really good time, have meet other savage pilots with whom we share many points of view, and also we have learned something about mountain flying and new landing technics

We all meet in an airstrip near Olot called St. Jaume de Tapioles, someone came from Mallorca Island, others from France.. Our friends offer us a tradicional lunch, after siesta, visit to Tortell� village and dinner.

Next day we flown over the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, Besal� y Banyoles and after we start the route to La Cerda�a aerodrome, an excellent resort with restaurant and swimming pool. We had a lunch in a �sidreria�, tipical menu of the north of Spain.

Next morning beautiful flight over the heart of the Pyrenees to Castejon de Sos, the highest area of Spain and visit to Benasque village� and football match watching�

On monday we landed in a mountain airstrip, for first time for some of our friends, but everyone did it right and were very pride of ourselves. After we visit another nice airstrip near a lake, where we had a refreshing bath and a nice lunch, before fly to the desert, Tardienta Monegros aerodrome, a cool and bizarre place to visit that took us to the Morocco way of life!!

Tuesday morning we made a quick visit to Villanueva de G�llego, home base of Aerodesign and following the Ebro river, we reached the mediterranean coast to Castell�n, where we went to the beach and had a good paella.

Last flight to the mountains, to our home base, Torremocha de Jiloca and goodbye party.

We all have had an excellent experiencie and we hope keep organize this kind of adventures � Thank you to everyone, in the airfields we had visit, and to the pilots that had enjoy with us this wonderful moments and had flown with security and had been interested in keep learning all the time, because we think that we never stop learning something else in our flying life!!

Arturo Polo Ena