First SOaF meeting

The SOwG (Savage Owner Group) is a free spontaneus group made up by Zlin Savage owners.They are planning and organizing the first  Savage Owner’s meeting dedicated to the owners of a Savage plane and extended to all friends who share this way to interpret the flight.The meeting will be located in Mantova’s (Italy) Aero Club Città di Curtatone on next 22 May 2011. We want to thank mr.Sbarbada Giampaolo for the kind hospitality in this nice Aero Club (where the first prototype of Savage plane was hangared many years ago) and Mr. Baschieri Giuseppe for his enthusiasm putted daily, in the SOwG promotional activities. Zlin Aviation will show there for the first time flying, the new Savage Bobber and will deliver a nice present to all the pilots that will join the meeting. All pilots are invited, Taildraggers or not is not important. Even a famous Italian aeronautical magazine will be there.

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