Eleven planes sold in one month

Eight new Cubs, one new Classic and two second hand planes were sold by Zlin Aviation s.r.o. after the German exibition in about one month. We will introduce soon two new Dealers (Greece- Israel). New contracts and new Dealers are attended very soon. This is the report of the first month after the presentation of our new Model:
2 in Germany (1 Cub + 1 Classic)
1 in Germany (second hand Cruiser)
2 in Australia (2 Cub)
3 in Italy (3 Cub)
1 in Italy (second hand Classic)
1 in Greece (1 Cub)
1 in Madagascar (1 Cub)
Take a look also on the video coming from that German International exibition.Introduced by Tom Poberezny, President of EAA.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTopfI_bUY8