Book your Bushflyng ground course now..

We would like to inform about a new initiative we planned togheter with Loni Habersetzer. Just after the international exibition of Friedrichshafen, we planned 3 dates for “Ground Courses” about Bushflying tecniques. The first two dates will be on the next 13 and 14 April. The base will be our German Dealer’s field. There will be a closen number partecipation and a booking will be necessary. The main aspects of the Bushflying will be covered.It is not necessary to have a specific experience on our planes.
Ground Bush Course will cover Landing Site evaluation for Off-Airport Operations, Special aircraft handling techniques, unique to the Off-Airport enviorment, Aircraft performance Inhancing techniques used in the Bush & Safety & Survival considerations. And much more.
The Course will take a full day. The cost will be absolutely low considered the importance of the treated arguments.
For more informations pls contact us. It will be an unique occasion to meet Loni and to learn by his huge specific experience. We are planning also a 3th date (15 April) in North of Italy at Trento’s airport. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.