AERO 2019 report

Another great AERO exhibition (Friedrichshafen-Germany) has just finished. More than 32.000 visitors , four days, full immersion, in what is considered the best European fair of the sector. We want to thank all our customers, dealers, visitors.. it was a great occasion to meet and speak about the future. We were glad to introduce several news at AERO. First, the beautiful Shock Cub equipped with the new Rotax 915, a real performer,  then the Shock Ultra and his new cowling, shown as a moke up,  that will become standard for this plane, not forgetting the new carbon wing cuffs that will be available soon for all our Savage Cub, Bobber, Cruiser, Classic and Cub- S customers and that will reduce the stall speed without any other adverse conseguence. Great interest even for the new (prototype) carbon belly pod manufactured by an external suppliers for one our customer (it will include one 25 lt fuel tank). A lot of attention also for the Kanardia instruments that were exposed in our booth (they offer the right price/quality comporomise). Mir-Mat company prepared this instrument panel, showing his huge knowledge in manufacturing aeronautical wirings and we were glad to have them in our booth since they produce all our wirings for all our planes. Finally we introduced what we consider the most sophisticated wing of the STOL LSA-Ulm market.This wing will equip soon a new model that will be developed and certified this year, initially in Czech Republic and Germany, and that should be able to finally close the gap between what we consider a fast cruise speed, around and above 200 km/h and a slow stall speed (below 40 km/h). The VNE will be >250 km/h , the MTOW will be 800 kg and the wing will be fully metal with traditional wing spars. The retractable slats and the huge double slotted flaps will be offered as optional while the standard wing will get a very efficient single slotted flap.We promised as you know, some news for AERO 2019 and we did it.. More informations about all current projetcs will be avaiable directly throught our dealers or contacting us via email.