AERO 2016 results and production capacity

AERO 2016 just finished and we were really impressed to see the sincere enthusiasm , the completely new Savage “Shock Cub” , inspired to the visitors. Not just enthusiasm of course, since many contracts were discussed at the booth. 13 planes (including 4 Savage Cub/Cruiser) were sold last week pushing our company to decide to increase the production capacity, during the next months, by at least 30 %, to be able to satisfy the strong request received for our planes. We found “two” new Dealers too (they will be announced later) showing how much our Savage planes, seem well accepted worldwide. More news about the new Shock Cub will arrive soon. A specific email address was created to offer a direct link between us and all potential and interested customers. If you wish feel free to use from late today: