2017 results, new plans and AERO 2018

The past year was very successfull for Zlin Aviation. And some changes became for this reason, simply mandatory. Last Autumn, we have taken the decision to almost double the production capacity of our company, due to the large number of planes sold worldwide. We have no problems to admit that there were some delays in deliveries, due to the huge amount of work necessary to expand, but we are fully committed to reduce in the next future , the delivery time to not more than 4-5 months..(and we are working very hard for that). We are implementing for these reasons, the production capacity in Czech Republic and we are looking for new workers. If you think to have a nice curriculum, feel free to send us an email..we will be glad to evaluate your position. In the last few months we also finalized the development of the new Shock Cub “Ultralight” version, that will be introduced during next AERO 2018..(we already started to sell it in France, Poland and Germany due to the strict empty weight limits applied in those Countries and strong interest is coming by USA and Scandinavian Countries too)..We have also developed after the experience matured with the Shock Cub, some dedicated “STOL” retrofittable accessories for all the Savage Bobber, Classic, Cruiser, Cub, flying around the world.These accessories will be introduced at AERO 2018…and will increase the safety and the performances of your planes. A new facility of 1000 square meter will probably be opened in time, before the end of the year 2018 in Czech Republic,  inside a very nice privat airport and just to help all the above projects and offer a stronger service to all our customers, visiting us in the future, directly with their planes.This facility will focus only on final assembling, engine and avionic installation and final delivery of our planes.  We are also improving our customers service and by early April, our specialists promise to reply in not more than few hours to all the incoming emails. A qualified English speaking technician will specifically take care about all your possible needs.  Certifications processes are also another of our main efforts. We are actually involved in Germany , France and Czech Republic to apply for local rules for the new coming model that will be introduced soon. Specifically in Germany and France (and in other European Countries too, including Czech Republic) will be approved soon an increase of MTOW, and we will be glad to help all the current customers (more than 120 only in the above two Countries) to update their planes to the new limits, since our Savage models were already designed taking in mind these weights. Shock Cub has proven in the meantime, to be a superb platform for Hyper Stol operations and was  sold until now,  in these Countries: USA (and Alaska),Canada, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Swiss, Turkey, Israel, Lybia, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Botswana. The demand of Bobber, Cruiser and Cub didn’t change btw after the arrival of the Shock Cub , proving that these planes and the Shock Cub are simply two different kind of products, designed for two different kind of markets and customers..The new STOL accessories described above, will definitively create a link between these two Savage “worlds”..beside to offer the possibility to upgrade the older planes to a new level of performance. Finally by end of the year we will be ready officially to start the production and delivery of Savage KITS for all our models. In the past years we didn’t push too much for this formula (we delivered each year more than 90% of our products only as ready to fly planes) and we are working right now on new assembling manuals, since we beleive that this decision will increase our market penetration and because this specific demand is increasing.

And more to come, of courselooking soon even at the results of the new INNOVATION AWARDS 2018 that will be announced at AERO…, since it seems that one our plane will be considered  even this year (last year we arrrived 2th with the Shock Cub) one the most preferred and innovative UL-LSA of the market.

See you at AERO 2018 (April 18-21/ booth B2-423)