Discontinued products

We decided to reorganize the production line for the future. Starting from now some products will be discontinued (but we will deliver spare parts and assistance of course without problems for the existing planes).

Savage Classic: this was our first model. The most sold due to the long career. The cheapest one before the arrival of the Bobber and the Agilis.Used by many schools and privat pilots around the world,has shownn to be robust and reliable.It is still possible to find sometime very nice planes on the second hand market, it is easy to mantain and will continue to let you fly for hundreds of hours free of problems.

Savage Agilis: the plane was designed in the attempt to show that our company could even focus on more basic and unconvenzional design. Unique in his category and capable to deliver a lot of fun, it was more a “concept plane” than a real plane and we got all the results we targeted. But the market seems more oriented to more refined planes so we decided to discontinue it.

Savage Cub-S : the Savage Cub-S was the first attempt of our company to dramatically improve the performances and quality of the regular production line (originally ..Bobber- Classic- Cruiser- Cub ) trying to offer a new step to all our customers. For the first time, we introduced a new fully movable stabilizer that acted as a superb trim system and the Lycoming IO-320 with 172 hp.The experience made with this plane allowed us later, to design the Shock Cub with a new wing and new landing gear. We decided to discontinue the Cub S, in favour of the possibility to get the more modern Shock Cub with the standard landing gear, only on special request.

We have really to thank these 3 models. They have accompanied loyally our customers during these years and will continue to do the same for the future. We will help for this purpouse without any reserve.They have also helped our company to grow up, reaching our today level of skills.For more informations feel free to contact us.