September...nice time for news
September 03 2018

Some news finally on the table after a while. We were very busy in the last period (let's say last few months), increasing production, making training for many new workers arrived in the last months, finding new systems and technology to make better our job (for example we will start to use an innovative painting system during next week), producing new carbon accessories/parts and moulds, testing new items (from shock absorbers to new slats etc.) and planes, following certifications processes in 2 Countries, always taking in mind the new rules coming soon in Europe, planning and starting the big move to the new operative base (1.000 square meters planned only for the "final delivery" step) that will be opened soon inside a nice and privat airport near Zlin (Czech). All this and much more is coming (new dealers for example just joined us from Laos, China, Finland, Sweden and La Reunion and will be announced soon while we are discussing with other potential dealers from Ireland and Chile).
Actually we are already able to accept your flying visits every day in Slusovice Airport (contact us for more details) offering even a local service for your plane if necessary.The next plan for 2019 will focus on a new facility for the production area only (that will be separate by the final delivery base described above) and for a complete restyling of the Savage Cruiser that will be completely updated using a similar manufacturing technology adopted by the last Shock Ultra and Shock Cub . Stay tuned for more news coming soon..even because the first Rotax 915 (141 hp) is close to fly on a wonderful and nicely painted Shock Cub...



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