Shock Cub, 6 months later...
October 20 2016

It is time to make some sort of balance after the official launch of the Shock Cub, happened exactly six months ago. A well known aviation journalist, asked us recently, how is going with this product and our intentions for the future. The Shock Cubs sold are 26 at this time, (99% ready to fly). A good achievent after just 6 months since his official introduction. Most of them will receive the new Rotax 915iS starting by next 2017 Summer since it seems that this engine, combined with our Hyper Stol wing airfoil will generate massive performances in Stol environment, with an impressive weight/power ratio. Few of them will get the Titan 340 engine, with the final result of "a superb machine". Some others will get for some markets, our 120Hp Rotax turbo conversion while some other will get the standard Rotax 100 hp. Last, two Shock Cub will be equipped with the MW engine too (one with the 150hp version).These Shock Cub have actually been sold (and some of them are already delivered) in : Italy- Czech- Romania- Germany (a light special version is available on demand) - Switzerland- New Zealand- South Africa- Australia- Usa and Alaska (the name of the plane in these last two markets will be "Outback Shock"). With a demonstrated minimum flying speed of 37 km/h at 600 kg MTOW, with a spin resistant and almost unstallable wing and with an extremely robust landing gear/shock absorbers complex, we are sure to be able to offer one of the best plane in the world for such kind of flying...And more is still under development, we can promise it.


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